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FIFA 17 Career Mode: ‘The Iron Dynasty’

Follow along as we dominate the world of football/soccer with the Hammers.

Welcome to FUT Nation and Brace The Hammer’s first ever Career Mode for FIFA 17. Each week we’re going to come at you with a new episode to see how far we can progress in making West Ham United a global power. In this Dynasty we’re going to leave it up to you, the viewer, to decide the direction we take the series. From transfers, to formations, to line ups - you have the power to dictate West Ham United’s future.

The first episode sets the tone for the series so it is a bit longer than our future episodes. There were important questions to be asked and answered and we need you to help us tackle them.


The rules for this Career Mode are simple. We cannot play anyone who is currently hurt or unavailable on the actual West Ham squad. We leave the decisions up to you, the viewer, as to who we bring in. We play on Legendary with minimal sliders (55/50) and there are no simulated matches. We must also keep all transfers realistic meaning some UK tabloid must have linked a player’s name to West Ham.


I started the season a bit shaky at Stamford Bridge but didn’t concede any goals, even if I didn’t create many chances. Defense was the name of the game, and we stuck with it. Lucky to get out with a point, the Hammers then went home to face Bournemouth and took the win off of a brace from Andre Ayew. Finally, West Ham prevailed in an impressive 2-0 win over Manchester City.

Lineup and Formation

Right now we are copying West Ham United and going with a 3-4-3 system.

I have thought about switching to a 4-2-3-1 with two holding midfielders, to allow for a bit of insurance against the counter-attack. By switching, we only have need for two center-backs and can afford to sell one, and look to purchase a right-back.


In between drawing at Chelsea and picking up a win at home against Bournemouth, a transfer offer came in for Jonathan Calleri. The Argentine forward is not in my immediate future plans and it doesn’t seem like he is in West Ham’s real-life plans either. Which brings us to our last poll!

We also received an offer for Angelo Ogbonna, however whether or not we sell him will depend largely on how that poll regarding our CBs goes.


We are looking to bulk up our midfield as well as our attacking options. West Ham has been linked to a number of players lately. Comment with which player you would like to see a Hammer shirt, keeping in mind we’re going for realistic transfers. So far, the Hammers have been linked to:

That’s all for Episode One - get to voting and decide what happens in Episode Two! See you then! *Dele Alli wave*