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5 FIFA YouTubers you should be watching

If you’re looking to breach the culture of soccer gaming, start with these guys.

EE Limited

The YouTube community is insanely big. The video-sharing website has so many nooks and crannies, it can get difficult to follow. For the FIFA enthusiast, there are a host of YouTubers to subscribe to, from the Career Mode diehard to the Ultimate Team aficionado.

But instead of leaving you with just that bit of information, here are some of our favorites so you don’t have to sift through hundreds of channels to find quality soccer-gaming content.


In addition to being the best streamer in the game, Castro maintains his own YouTube channel, where he’ll dish out advice, take you through various FUT Drafts, and challenge other YouTubers.

Also, he recently teamed up with FIFA 17 cover athlete Marco Reus in a two-on-two match against Zedd and Spencer Owen. Be sure to check him out on Twitch.

Spencer Owen a.k.a. ‘Spencer FC’

Spencer FC

This guy does it all. First getting his start at the soccer fan culture channel, Copa90, Spencer left to create his own channel in 2014. Since then, he’s transcended the medium of FIFA and gone on to do real-life projects including the Wembley Cup, a series that leads up to a match between actual soccer legends and the biggest FIFA YouTubers, and the Hashtag United series, an Ultimate Team-style series that pits his Sunday League team against other semi-professional clubs and organizations.

Also, he’s got his own eSports player and been featured in the actual game.


If you want to improve your FIFA gameplay, simply watch this guy. Touted by many as the best ‘skiller’ in the game, Ralle frequently uploads tutorials, where he guides you through the most effective skill moves in the catalog. Currently, in his series ‘Let’s FIFA 17,’ he attempts to ‘kick it old-school’ and play the current version of the game like its predecessors, which were more heavily based on skilling.


Marshall does some of the most comprehensive FIFA player reviews across YouTube, so check him out if you’re ever looking to splurge a lot of your coins on one card. He’s also an ardent Weekend League player, and most recently finished in the ‘Elite 1’ category.


Another insane skiller, Kazooie primarily bases his gameplay around his move set. The 22-year-old also uploads tutorials, and his videos include everything from Road to Glory series to little-known information about the game.

Note: We based these choices primarily on who we feel has strong production value and brings more than just entertainment to the table. If you think we missed someone, feel free to let us know in the comments!