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EA gives everyone in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team free Chapecoense badges and kits after tragic plane crash

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Fair play.

After a heartbreaking day in the world of football, the FIFA 17 production team did a little bit extra to try and offer all FIFA enthusiasts a chance to show some support.

Late Tuesday in the States, the FIFA team issued free untradeable Chapecoense badges, home kits and away kits to all FIFA Ultimate Team Players.

Along with the in-game items, all users were greeted with this message when logging in:

Earlier today, the kits and badge had become ‘extinct’ (e.g. not often able to be purchased easily on the market or not listed at all) on the FIFA market after news broke late yesterday and could only be acquired by “sniping” (executing a quick move to purchase the item before other players). The kits and badges were each going for their maximum price range of 5000 coins not long before the free kits and badges were issued.

A post on the FIFA sub-Reddit campaigning to have the kits distributed for free to everyone had over 740 upvotes.

You can get the badge and kits by logging in to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team on your console or on the companion web app.