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FUT Random Player of the Week Squad Builder: Jhonder Cádiz

We used Futhead’s Random Player Generator when we got bored — and built a squad around it.

As someone who frequently gets bored playing with the same old Premier League players in Fifa’s Ultimate Team, I tend to reach out and look for under-the-radar steals to make the game mode more entertaining.

With FIFA’s database containing thousands of players, it can be difficult to find someone who can ultimately challenge the typical players used game in, game out in Ultimate Team.

Struggling to find a new player through my own research, I turned to Futhead’s Random Player Generator and began making teams with whoever the site chose for me.

Thoroughly enjoying the entertainment value of either failing with a new player or finding a new star, I began to use Futhead’s randomizer to help create most of my current teams.

With that being said, FUT Nation has decided to create our very own new series called “Random Player of the Week,” where every week we will use Futhead’s randomizer to select a player for us to study and evaluate.

This week, Futhead wasn’t so generous. Venezuelan striker Jhonder Cadiz, a 64-rated bronze attacker from the Liga NOS side C.D. Nacional, was selected as the series first random participant.

At first glance, the 21-year-old striker looks like nothing special. With his large 6’3 frame, the striker oddly possesses a low Physical rating, with a 58. In addition to his low, Cadiz has 58 Pace for a forward.

After evaluating his stats, it was time to build a team around the Venezuelan. Deciding to remain cheap with the squad, I elected to create a cheap Liga Nos squad to support the C.D. Nacional product.

The players assisting Cadiz are as follows: Bruno Cesar (LM), Tiago Rodrigues (CM), Ruben Neves (CM), Joel Campbell (RM), Danilo Pereira (CDM), Alex Telles (LB), Marcelo (CB), Nilsson Lindelof (CB), Nelson Semedo (RB), and Ederson (GK).

Once the squad was fully purchased, it was time to test out Cadiz. I found an opponent with a pacy Premier League side, and began playing.

Out of nowhere the match favored my heavily. Straight from kick off, small give-and-go passes between Neves and Cadiz led to a quick three-minute goal. The big man’s ability to shrug off the defense and connect with the midfield created an early chance that provided Neves with an early one-on-one chance with the opponent’s goalkeeper.


Shortly after the match returned to play, Cadiz stole the ball immediately after kickoff, linking up yet again with his partner in crime, Ruben Neves. The two Liga Nos attackers continued their give-and-go passes, leading to yet another goal for Neves. To my surprise, Cadiz had assisted two goals within the first five minutes of his first match.


As the match progressed, the game settled down. The Liga NOS squad I had built retained possession quite well. Using my midfield to find Cadiz, who stood out as a prolific target man, I was able to carry my offense through the Venezuelan.

Once in possession, Cadiz has a knack for finding the perfect outlet pass. Having both Cesar and Campbell on the wings, the 21-year-old striker was able to send his wingers to the corner flag quite easily.

There was no doubt that Cadiz was the center of my offense. Build up play would begin in the back, slowly works its way to Cadiz, who would feed the wingers and go from there.

When the clock hit 90, Cadiz and company had won the match 4-1.

I was shocked by how well Cadiz performed. Although the 21-year-old was unable to score a goal, assisting two was better than nothing.

Cadiz’s overall strength, vision, and passing were his strong suits. His ability to hold the ball and create an attack helped move the team up and down the field at calm and flowing pace. Furthermore, due to Cadiz’s height, he was able to get his head on anything that flew his way. Perfect with corners and goal kicks, Cadiz was a threat on any set-piece.

Cadiz’s stats were as follows:

Player Rating: 9.2

Goal Assists: 2

Shots On Target: 3/4, 75%

Passes Completed: 16/20, 80%

Dribbles Completed: 5/10, 50%

Overall, Cadiz is a diamond in the rough. He has a great potential but his low rating and slow pace are not something to be proud of. He was extremely fun to test out but at the end of the day, it’s hard to recommend him to everyone.

If you are looking for something new and creative, give him a shot. Compared to various other gold strikers I have used in the past, he performed extremely well.

Should you give him a try?


Should you use him in more than 10 matches?


Overall Rating: 5/10

What are your thoughts on the new series? Will you try out the recommended player? Have you used him already? Continue the discussion in the comments section below.