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EA Sports release 6-man shortlist for Premier League November ‘Player of the Month’

A public vote will help determine next month’s FIFA 17 POTM SBC.

The Premier League’s official website has released a six-man shortlist for the November ‘Player of the Month’ award.

Sergio Agüero of Manchester City, Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Manchester United, and Diego Costa of Chelsea are the three big names that stick out from this list. All of them would fit in perfectly for someone trying to field a POTM front-three, with either Eden Hazard (October, Chelsea) or Heung-Min Son (September, Tottenham Hotspur) on the left and Raheem Sterling (August, Manchester City) on the right.

Pedro (Chelsea), Matt Phillips (West Brom), and Jordon Pickford (Bournemouth) are the other three on the lower end of the spectrum.

Here’s a look at how every candidate did in the month of November:

Contrary to popular opinion, The POTMs are not chosen solely based on the public vote. The vote via only accounts for 10 percent. The other part is chosen from a panel of Premier League experts and current club captains.

The vote will close at 11:59 British Standard Time (5:59 EST) on Monday, December 5th and the winner will be announced on Friday, December 9th with next month’s Squad Building Challenge to obtain a special POTM card shortly there after to follow. Get to it!