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This is what FUT Champions Elite Monthly rewards look like

Spencer FC ranked in the ‘Elite 3’ level.

It’s only been two months since FIFA 17’s Weekend League was introduced, but it’s been an absolute hit out the gates. Various YouTube superstars and professional esports players, like Spencer Owen and Gorilla, have created series on their channels related to the new game mode.

In a recent video on his channel, Spencer opened his rewards for the month of November to show just how good some of the packs can be. I won’t spoil the surprise, but some of the player cards were pretty decent.

Spencer just about finished in the ranks of the ‘Elite’ - he won 99 of his 160 matches through four weekends, just two more than what was required. Two weekends of that month included the gameplay from his ‘Movember’ 24-hour charity live-streams, so the YouTuber claimed that he would have done better had been on more hours of sleep.

Obviously Spencer didn’t finish among the best, so the rewards he packed could have been better. Owen also runs the semi-professional club Hashtag United, which houses three of the best FIFA esports players in the world - Hashtag Harry, Tass, and Boras. If you want to check some even better pack openings, be sure to check out their channels as well.