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Thursday’s FUTmas Calendar SBC: Chadli, Isco, Willian

EA may have listened to us about these, but we’re still not going to take credit. (actually, we are)

Shourjya Mookerjee

After Wednesday’s Squad Building Challenges (Dybala’s required minimum 88 squad rating and two in-forms) we didn’t really know what Thursday would hold. But, it looks like EA may have heard our pleas for easier challenges.

December 22nd’s SBCs featured West Bromwich Albion’s Nacer Chadli (what is up with EA and all these current/former Spurs players?), Real Madrid’s Isco, and Chelsea’s Willian.

As always, here’s what you need to get these items.


The lowest rated card but probably still not the easiest SBC of the bunch. You need a minimum squad rating of 84, one Team of the Week or Movember player, and minimum team chemistry of 80.


This one should be pretty easy. All you need is a minimum squad rating of 85, and minimum team chemistry of 75. No TOTWs and/or Movember cards required.


This is the hardest of the three, but still doesn’t compare to Dybala’s. Minimum squad rating of 87, one TOTW, and minimum squad rating of 80.