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Friday’s FUTmas Calendar SBC: Vidal, Dani Alves, Can

Can you believe how lit it is?

I have to admit, these FUTmas Squad Building Challenges keep getting better.

Friday’s featured Bayern Munich’s Chilean tank Arturo Vidal, Juventus right-back Dani Alves, and Liverpool’s Emre Can.

Just a quick look at the SBCs tells me that Vidal will require a small fortune, while Alves and Can are fairly cheap and very reasonable. Here’s what you need to get them:


  • 11 Bundesliga players
  • One ‘Team of the Week’ item, in addition to 10 rare gold cards
  • One Chilean player, which will most likely have to be Vidal’s regular card
  • Full team chemistry and an overall squad rating of 87

Dani Alves

  • Squad rating of 86
  • Minimum team chemistry of 75


  • Squad rating of 85
  • Minimum team chemistry of 75