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Hashtag Harry takes on FUT Champions with Bronze Team

This is the pro FIFA player’s first YouTube video.

Hashtag United esports player Harry Hesketh has continually made waves within the FIFA community since his professional debut in early 2016, and has subsequently ran circles around his opponents in FUT Champions week-in-and-week-out.

Hesketh, known by many as ‘Hashtag Harry,’ rose to fame after winning Spencer FC’s Game Academy earlier this year. The win provided Harry the opportunity to partake in worldwide FIFA tournaments, all the while under the supervision of Spencer Owen, one of YouTube’s top FIFA content creators.

In past weeks, Harry has shown his resilience to dominate FUT Champions; however, this week, he made it a tad difficult on himself. For his first video, Hashtag Harry uploaded the first installment of a ‘Road to Glory’-esque series of him shooting for the elusive 40/40 wins with a Bronze Team.

A Bronze Team?

Harry embarked on this challenge with some of the best Bronze players FIFA has to offer. Although this task may seem impossible for most FUT players, Harry is a well-trained pro.

Here’s the team he played with.

To see how he ended up doing, take a look.