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First FUTmas Mystery Pack SBC is cheap, easy

Unload your silver and bronze PL or BL cards; maybe get something not awful?

FUTmas 17 has been a bit of departure from past years.

While previous Christmases have seen massive pack offerings of all shapes and sizes, free packs, and more, this year’s FUTmas has been more focused on EA receiving than giving.

Though SBCs are welcome, and plenty have unloaded a good deal of TOTY savings in an effort to gain some strong untradeable cards in the interim, it’s somewhat disappointing the impetus seems to be on market regulations than actually giving back to Ultimate Team’s most loyal players.

Christmas Day marked perhaps the first step backs towards actual gifts (the usually paltry daily gifts aside), with a cheap and easy FUTmas SBC including both the home FUTmas kit and a “Mystery Pack”.

As FUT 16 players undoubtedly recall, Mystery Packs first appeared during FIFA 16 late-in-game tournaments, often taking multiple wins of the tournament to obtain. The prizes ranged from gold packs to FUT Draft tokens and pretty universally were not worth it.

The delta on this year’s, supposedly ranging from rare two player packs to jumbo gold packs (and allegedly including some several thousand coin offerings), seems more promising but anecdotal reports seem to indicate many folks are struggling to even pull gold players of note. I personally completed the SBC only to get a throw away rare silver and a non-rare gold Bundesliga duplicate.

Still, the thrill of the chase might make the SBC worthwhile for you (if the Home FUTmas kit didn’t already do it for you). Here are today’s requirements:

The SBC is available until Boxing Day at 1 p.m. ET. The pack offerings haven’t been as voluminous as in past Christmases but expect to see hourly offerings then.