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FUT Random Player of the Week Squad Builder: Rolando

We add some Portuguese flair in this week’s edition.

Portugal v Luxembourg - FIFA 2014 World Cup Qualifier Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

In this week’s installment of FUT Nation’s Random Player of the Week, Futhead has randomly selected Olympique de Marseille and Portuguese men’s National Team defender Rolando Jorge Pires da Fonseca - or Rolando for short.

The 31-year-old center back joined his current side in late September 2015. Since joining the Marseille, the Portuguese defender has made 29 appearances for the club, scoring two goals from the back.

Rolando is a well-respected defender in the world of football; however, his importance has diminished as he ages.

In FIFA 12, Rolando boasted his highest rated FUT card, an 83 rated Inform with FC Porto.

Although he is far from what he was in 2012, I was hoping he’d provide a glimpse of his former self - I was wrong.

Creating a team for Rolando was quite simple. Having played FIFA for the first few months, I’ve collected a fair amount of Ligue 1 players. In total, the squad below costs around 5k; however, I do not recommend it.

The team supporting Rolando is as follows: Remy Riou (GK), Youssouf Sabaly (RB), Wesley Lautoa (RCB), Afonso Figueiredo (LB), Valentin Vada (RCM), Morgan Sanson (CM), Clement Grenier (LCM), Lucas (RW), Robert Beric (ST), and Maxwel Cornet (LW).

The match began quietly with a bit of lag. Soon enough, I had my first opportunity on offense with Beric. The Slovenian scored a quick goal to put me up by one.

After getting off to a quick start, the remaining minutes of the first half were nothing to be happy about. Shot after shot from either Beric or Cornet resulted in amazing misses that flew miles past the target.

The half ended 1-0, not giving the slightest glimpse of what was coming in the second half.

My opponent woke up. He began shoot lobs over the defense, which Rolando couldn’t touch, and began worrying my keeper early.

Soon after the kickoff, the match was level. Shortly after his first goal, they scored another and one more. I was down 3-1 in a matter of seconds.

This quick drop was not a result of my poor playing; instead, it was a result of the awful defense and offense I possessed. The defense was slow and sluggish while the offense couldn’t hit the target if it was a mile high and a mile wide. The outside backs did not join the attack as well as return back on defense.

After shooting a barrage of long range bullets, I was able to dig us out of the goal. It wouldn’t be enough.

My opponent continued to run circles around my defense, scoring at ease. I was down 5-2 before Peric added a consolation goal.

Rolando will go down as this series’ first loss.


Final Score:

Match Rating:

Tackles Won:

Dribbles Completed:

Passes Completed:

Shots On Target:


Overall Rating: 2/10

Don’t hurt yourself by signing this oaf.

Rolando did nothing to benefit my team. His stats were subpar and his effectiveness was nonexistent. With the series being so young, I find it difficult to give him a zero rating. Due to the fact that my team was able to score three, it might be safe to presume he had some impact.

Save yourself some coins. Either discard him or use in SBCs.

What are your thoughts on the series? Will you try out the recommended player? Have you used him already? Continue the discussion in the comments section below.