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Second FUTmas Mystery Pack SBC is harder than the first, but still easy

it’s more complicated, but still doable.

Much like yesterday, EA released another 24-hour FUTmas Mystery Pack SBC today. Today’s requirements are as follows.

As one can see, it is a little more complicated — but nothing unlike what we’ve seen. If anything, the fact that the SBC doesn’t require and English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian player makes 75 chemistry a bit easier to accomplish.

The rewards are also slightly better (3k vs. 4k coins) so get to it, y’all. This trend seems to suggest that these will get harder over the next few days and the rewards will be a bit tastier too, so if you’re into that, skipping this one might be a good idea. But if you have loads of bronze and silver items to discard, you might as well get this done.

Here’s a quick and easy solve:

Knocked out today’s #FUTmas Mystery Pack #SBC with this. Netted 4000 coins. Not bad! #FUT #FIFA17

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This SBC is available until Dec. 27th at 1 p.m. ET.