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Third FUTmas Mystery Pack SBC released

Throw all of your BSG Squads at this one.

EA Sports continue their festive ways by providing FUT players with another chance at a FUTmas Mystery Pack SBC.

This time, a simple BSG Challenge.

The Challenge’s Requirements are as follows:

  • Min. 3 Players: Bronze
  • Min. 3 Players: Silver
  • Min. 3 Players: Gold
  • Min. Team Chemistry: 90
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Group Rewards:

For their efforts, EA will award FUT players with a FUTMAS Mystery Pack that includes prizes ranging from 3,000 coins to a Jumbo Gold Pack.

Here’s a sample squad:

A cheap solve for the final Mystery Pack #SBC. Has #FUTmas been a disappointment for you? #FIFA17 #FUT

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