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EA releases two new League SBCs

for FIFA 17’s Russian League and Eredivisie fans.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team’s wildly-popular Squad Building Challenges gained two new ones Thursday, as EA released League SBCs for the Dutch Eredivisie and and Russian Premier League.

As per usual, you’ll need to submit a full Starting XI for every team in the respective leagues before being awarded with the rewards, but for every challenge within the League SBC completed, you’ll get small rewards in the form of coins/packs. Unless you just happen to have a boatload of Russian and Dutch players in your club, this will be a long process.

Here are what the two cards look like:

To be fair, Smolov’s striker card looks far more worth it for the amount of coins you’ll have to shell out. But if you happen to have the players lying around in your club, go for it.