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FIFA 17 releases 48-hour only FA Cup themed Squad Building Challenge

Available only for 48 hours. Get your League One and League Two players sorted.

If you were disappointed there wasn’t a new Squad Building Challenge released Friday afternoon (evening in the UK), you weren’t alone.

But if you’re looking for a chance to earn a pack and have some fun putting some of your lesser used players to good use, you’re in luck.

The FIFA 17 production team released a special 48-hours only “FA Cup Hybrid” SBC at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday. The challenge calls for a minimum of 4 EFL League One players, a minimum of 4 EFL League Two Players, exactly six nationalities, and a minimum team chemistry of 82. You only need nine players to successfully complete the SBC.

For your time (and players), you can earn a Rare Gold Pack (12 cards, all gold, all rare; typically 4 players and 8 consumables and club items). Not bad all things considered.

If you’re looking for a leg up/shortcut, FIFA YouTuber Bateson87 has you covered: