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This week’s Marquee Matchups allows players to exploit the Bronze Pack Method

If you were ever going to try this method, now is the time.


FIFA 17’s Squad Building Challenges Marquee Matchups change week-by-week. This week’s features Scottish Premier League teams Hearts and Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers, and English League Two sides Bolton and Scunthorpe United, and Luton Town and Barnet.

Now, here’s the catch. If you’ve been saving up most discard-worthy players for upcoming SBCs, you may be in luck. Most of the players from these four clubs have silver and bronze cards — and right now, their market prices are going berserk (within reason, of course).

For me, personally, Celtics right-back Cristian Gamboa was highest-rated Scottish Premiership player in my club. Here’s what he’s going for currently:

2,200 coins doesn’t seem like anything — but, if you’re a hardcore trader and love working with profiting off upticks in player’s values, then check this out:

Additionally, now would also be a good time to win big with the Bronze Pack Method; the packs only cost 400 coins, and any of the players included in the Marquee Matchups will provide a decent return on your investment. If you need more information on this method, here’s an article to get you caught up.