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Spencer FC isn’t doing an Advent Calendar series this season. Here’s why

It’s hard to say goodbye.

When December 1 marked the calendar, you may have run to your computer and opened YouTube, hoping to see your yearly installment of Spencer FC’s Advent Calendar Series. You may have subsequently become utterly disappointed upon seeing no sign of a Christmas themed upload.

Three days rolled by before subscribers learned the sad news: Spencer FC will not continue the Advent Calendar series this holiday season.

In a vlog on his side channel, Spencer and Alex, the YouTube star clarified that the series will take a break for the year due to other projects, including the first ever Hashtag United awards.

Spencer elaborated on the series’ cancellation, saying, “It’s a fun series to do, it really is. We’ve done it for two years but what you probably don’t know is that we actually call it Deathcember.

“It takes over our lives. It’s two videos a day and it’s the editing and last year we added a whole new element which gets all these prizes in for you guys as well and yeah, I mean it’s just a lot.“

It’s certainly disappointing to see great series like the Advent Calendar cease to exist. Over the past two years, this series was one of the projects that got many attached to Spencer’s channel. Although you might not have actually won anything yourself, the pack openings were still exciting to watch.

Although saddened by the news, it’s easy to accept what Spencer is doing. He is thoroughly happy with his decision and fans can prepare for plenty of Hashtag United content.