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EA Sports gave a FIFA 17 pro player card to a kid who beat brain cancer

This was a really nice gesture.

Kenton Doust was diagnosed with brain cancer late last year after he was found to have three tumors near his pituitary gland. Four months of intensive chemo and 25 sessions of radiation later, Doust was labeled cancer free on May 19th of this year.

As a way of commemorating Doust’s resilience and bravery, EA Sports awarded the 15-year-old Vancouver Whitecaps superfan and brain cancer survivor with his very own trainer and pro player card in FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team.

Teal pro player cards have historically only been given to professional footballers. Doust becomes the first inspiration to receive his own, after also getting his own in-game coaching card for his brave battle with brain cancer.

YouTuber Castro1021 got a modified hero card of Mexican defender Elio Castro in FIFA 15 for his altruism raising thousands of dollars to battle cancer. This is the first time on record a non-footballer has been added to the game that we can recall in a situation like this. Fair play to EA.