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EA Sports ‘Grande’ kit is November’s FUT Champions Club reward

Check your accounts, you may have one.

For anyone who subscribed to the FUT Champions Club you may have a new item waiting for you in your account. EA Sports released the November reward for all club member who played a game of FUT during the month. This month the reward is what they refer to as the “Grande” kit and it looks like this:

For those who haven’t received it, you’ll want to sign up for the FUT Champions Club by registering here.

The October reward was another kit, a special red FUT Champions kit designed by Daily Render. This month’s kit is designed by Nerea Palacios, the design manager at Under Armor.

It’s unclear if every reward will be a kit or if they’ll switch it up eventually. However, we can’t complain about free items just for signing up. It’s yet another innovative feature they’ve added this year in conjunction with highly-successful FUT Champions mode.

Interestingly enough, EA posted a blog post last month indicating the kit this month would be a different one:

Will this be the FUT Champions kit for January instead? Stay tuned.