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What is the Bronze Pack Method in FIFA 17 and is it worth it?

A FUT trading method, explained.

Trading is one of the essential parts of FIFA Ultimate Team. Not many people are able to spend tons of money on FIFA points to build their dream teams. So, instead they analyze the transfer market and develop different methods to make coins from trading cards.

One method that has been spotlighted by several YouTubers such as NepentheZ, is the Bronze Pack Method (BPM).

Simply put, the BPM is buying a ton of the cheapest Bronze packs (400 coins per pack) and selling every possible card you can.

This trading method isn’t for someone looking to make a ton of coins in a short amount of time. It’s very much a grind over a long period of time.

What are the types of cards that sell? Rare bronze cards usually will sell for at least 200 coins minimum. Non-rare or rare silver cards will sell. Squad fitness cards always sell for around 800-1000 coins. Some of the injury cards like Foot or Knee will sell for good profit, especially during the Weekend League.

It’s important to note that this isn’t a fool proof method that guarantees profit. The BPM requires a mixture of patience and luck.

With the introduction of Squad Building Challenges, bronze and silver cards have extremely good value in this year’s edition of Ultimate Team. If you’re lucky enough to pack a player who is required for an active SBC you’re making 8-10k for a card packed in a 400 coin pack.

The SBCs also help you for cards you pack that aren’t useful in the present. While utilizing the method, you’ll want to keep all of the players that don’t sell and store them in your club for any future challenges that EA may release.

Does it work?

The answer to this question is probably very subjective and comes down to which trader you ask. I attempted to do a little research on the BPM of my own. The experiment was this: Open 50 packs and track the sales.

50 bronze packs costs 20,000 coins.

Admittedly, my pack luck within the 50 packs was sub-optimal at best. Ironically, my most valuable pull during the experiment wasn’t even a player. A non-rare silver kit from Korean club Sanju Sanmu was my best pull that sold for 3,000 coins.

In total, I packed 20 players who sold for profit, all between the 200-1000 coin margins. There’s a very good chance some of the other players would have sold if I had listed and re-listed for 200 coins. However, I elected to store them all in my club for future SBC opportunities.

That decision paid off just a few days later when EA released an FA Cup SBC, in which I was able to unload a lot of the League One and League Two players I had packed while using the BPM. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to track those sales exactly, but it would’ve put me well over the 20,000 coin mark in the end.

Without factoring in the players who sold for the SBC after the fact, considering the coin cards I packed (700 coins worth), and the average discard value of all useless items (about 35 coins a pack), I made 17,270 coins in profit. Meaning I lost a net of roughly 2,730 coins in my 50-pack experiment.

This experiment was a very small sample size just to give you an idea of what type of results you can expect. My pack luck was extremely bad and I still almost broke even. If I had packed just one of the SBC-related cards, I’m in the green by a good margin. If I pack two or three, I’ve made considerable bank.

Considering the luck factor and the potential for future profit with SBCs this method is a feasible one for a user who has coins to play with. It wouldn’t necessarily be advisable to use this method if you’re looking to build up your coin total from a small amount. If you have coins to spare and are looking to invest for future SBCs, this method is fun and addictive, especially for anyone out there who has a compulsive need to open packs like myself.

For example: In March, there’s likely to be a lot of St. Patrick’s Day hype in FUT. Right now, I have at least seven pages of Republic of Ireland players sitting in my club all from doing the BPM. If I get lucky and EA release something useful for those cards in March, I’m looking at considerable profit.

The BPM is fun and a good investment strategy, and won’t ruin your coin total. There’s a chance you could lose some coins in the short term, but there’s also the chance that your pack luck might be good and you make tons of profit in both the short and long term. Use the BPM at your own risk, but as long as you’re patient and prudent with your sales you should be seeing profit in the long run.