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Mauro Icardi is worth your money

Just look at this card.

FC Internazionale v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani - Inter/Inter via Getty Images

This week’s Team of the Week featured some very popular cards, including Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, and Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette. But another inform item — Mauro Icardi — seemed to completely fly under the radar.

The values of these cards are at their peak right after the TOTW drops, and within a few days, the prices drop. Directly following the release of the next week’s TOTW, the prices surge again because the cards are out of circulation. However, Icardi’s inform never seemed to reach the height it should’ve. Take a look at the card itself.

Currently, the market price for this card is around 50,000 coins — which doesn’t make sense. I was able to pick him up for about 52k yesterday, and the price has only gone down since. Icardi’s regular card (which I’ve extensively used) is pretty lethal in itself; the Argentine striker averages about a goal a game for me.

This card’s base stat upgrades are as follows:

  • +3 Pace
  • +11 Dribbling
  • +9 Shooting
  • +7 Defense
  • +15 Passing
  • +12 Physical

I haven’t actually started to use this version of him regularly yet, but I’m almost certain that this move will pay dividends. At the current price point, it is well worth the gamble at just 50k. Take it from me, and go get him for yourself before he’s off the market.