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This week’s Marquee Match-ups are easier than they look

Better get them done quick.


This week’s Marquee Match-ups yet again offer four more cheap opportunities to try your luck with packs. Here are the teams/match-ups featured and their rough estimates (as of right now), courtesy of FUTBin:

  • Leicester City v. Chelsea (6.3k)
  • Bristol City v. Cardiff City (3.15k)
  • Lazio v. Atalanta (5.75k)
  • Olympique Marseille v. AS Monaco (8.6k)

Most of the players in these can be picked up for cheap. FUTBin’s estimates plus a bit of basic common sense should allow you to finish all four for about 20,000 coins.

For completing all the SBCs, you’ll receive one premium gold pack, one premium gold players pack, one jumbo premium gold pack, and one all players pack.

To be fair, for the price they’re going at right now, it would be in your best interest to complete these. Who knows? There’s always the chance you could get lucky. *cough* All Team of the Year players are in packs right now *cough*.