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EA releases new ‘Hybrid Intro’ and ‘League and Nation Hybrid’ SBCs

A total of six new challenges to try your hand at. Oh, and the first two are pretty easy.


FIFA 17’s Squad Building Challenges gained two new groups of SBCs Tuesday - named ‘Hybrid Intro’ and ‘League and Nation Hybrid’ - for a total of six individual challenges.

As the name suggests, ‘Hybrid Intro’ is a tad easier than the League and Nation one, and only features two individual challenges to complete the group.

Hybrid Intro


Luke Zimmermann

As you can see, the omission of a minimum squad rating makes these challenges pretty easy to do. Both the ‘Two Leagues’ and ‘Triple Trouble’ challenge rewards include one Two Rare Gold Players Pack, while the group reward is one Rare Gold kit and 1,000 coins. Decent.

League and Nation Hybrid


There are double the amount of individual challenges in the ‘League and Nation Hybrid’ group; subsequently, the level of difficulty and value of the rewards go up as well. The minimum squad rating goes from 78 to 82 as you go from Semi-Pro to Legendary. Meanwhile, the minimum team chemistry is 100 for the first two only; World Class and Legendary require 95 and 92, respectively.

Besides that, the other requirement change too - take a look for yourself. The group rewards are a bit more tasty - another Rare Gold kit and 10,000 coins this time.


Here’s a quick and easy solve for both ‘Hybrid Intro’ challenges courtesy of @GCIIMessi, a member of the FIFA community.