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SBC Layvin Kurzawa - was he worth it?

Weekend League material or over-priced untradeable?

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Basel 1893 - UEFA Champions League Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be looking back at some of the FUTMAS SBC cards, and seeing if they were worth it or not.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at SBC Layvin Kurzawa. The French international and PSG fullback received a sizable upgrade on his SBC item, boosting five of his card stats into the 80s, and giving him a +3 overall boost (his stats below, courtesy of FUTBIN).

SBC Kurzawa IG Stats

His SBC was relatively easy to complete - it required 10 rare gold items, one TOTW/Movember card, put together with just 75 chemistry, and cost around 25-30k in total.

I’ve had great success with POTM Jensen as a super-sub, and after seeing Kurzawa’s heavily boosted card, I had to get him. He is an incredibly well-rounded player, with great defensive attributes, as well as the potential to be a creative and attacking force. In fact, he is 82+ rated in every position on the field with the basic chemistry style (you can check this out using FUTBIN’s “rating per position feature”):

Kurzawa is 82+ rated in every position on the field

In the weeks since his SBC, he’s been a vital super-sub for me - I usually sub him on as a half-time replacement for a midfielder or defender. He plays as well as Kante for me, albeit a little more clunky, but more powerful in the midfield. He’s played 30 games for me, mostly as a super-sub, in a variety of teams.

Here are my stats with him:

Price: SBC cost me around 25K

Chem Style: Basic

Position: Super-sub.

Games: 30 (mostly second-half appearances)

Goals: 5

Assists: 8

Let’s move onto how he plays in game.

Pace: 8/10

Not lightning fast, but fast enough to catch up with any opposition midfielder, and even good enough to keep up with some wingers and forwards. Hugely important in his ability to run up and down the field, closing down attacks and carrying the ball forward to start my attacks. As a defender, his pace is more than adequate - he can catch up with most wingers and attackers, and he is strong enough to slow down any of the ones who get away from him.

Shooting: 9/10

Far, far better than the card suggests. He has scored three great goals for me - one was a finesse shot from 15 yards out, another was a curling finish from 20 yards, and the third was a 30+ yard volley that dipped over the keeper. On his left foot, his finishing is solid, and his long shots have forced many a corner.

Passing: 8/10

One of the assists he got was from an incredible cross, swung into the box from 30+ yards. His short passing is fantastic, and great for link up play. His long passing is good enough, allowing him to switch the play effectively. He’s no Xavi, but he is capable of playing a killer ball that cuts open the opposition defense. His passing stat feels a lot higher than the card suggests, mainly because it is brought down by his atrocious free kick stat.

PSA: DO NOT TAKE A FREEKICK WITH THIS CARD - I tried one, and it ended up in Row Z.

Dribbling: 9/10

Makes very few mistakes on the ball - he can weave in and out of defenders without too much difficulty, and he can turn smoothly. All this allows him to work his way through the opposition midfield with ease. It also means that he doesn’t get dispossessed at the back - he is composed on the ball, and rarely makes mistakes.

Defending: 10/10

Monstrously good. He closes down so quickly, and can read the game perfectly. His marking is fantastic, and his tackles are rarely unsuccessful. He stops almost anyone who runs at him. His work off the ball is fantastic as well - a good interceptions stat means he is often in the right place to break up an opposition move, or to cut out a dangerous pass.

Physical: 10/10

Combined with his decent height, his strength, jumping and aggression make him a force to be reckoned with in the midfield. He can hold his own against most midfielders, and can shrug off most attackers. He wins a lot of headers, but isn’t really an aerial threat. His stamina is a hugely important part of this card too - he can sprint constantly, and ends the game with far more than half his stamina remaining.


In summary, this is one of the best super-subs I have used - he is a real powerhouse, cleaning up defensively while still posing an attacking threat. You could have completed his SBC for <25K - for that price, you will struggle to find a better player than him. Overall, I would definitely say that we was a worthwhile SBC player to get.

Verdict: Definitely worth it.