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Henri Saivet iMOTM card available for 24 hours

Another orange card for the collectors.

EA announced the release of another international Man of the Match card shortly after 7 p.m. ET Thursday — this time, it featured Senegalese international and Saint-Étienne midfielder Henri Saivet.

This is the third iMOTM card to be released, after Riyad Mahrez and Abdoulaye Diallo’s respective versions came out earlier this week. Judging by how things have gone, you can expect more Man of the Match cards from the ongoing African Cup of Nations over the coming weeks.

Very clever, EA. This has definitely rejuvenated interest in packs following the die-down of Team of the Year.

The 82-rated Saivet iMOTM card sharply upgrades the midfielder’s 78-rated base card. Notable stat increased include shooting, 80 (+9), and physical, 77 (+7). The five-point increases in defending and dribbling are nice too.


For a central midfielder, 83-passing and 85-dribbling probably won’t make this card that valuable, but if you happen to pack him — more power to you.