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SBC Insigne - was he worth it?

Cheap Messi or too weak for FUT 17?

Lorenzo Insigne
Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be looking back at some of the FUTmas SBC cards, and seeing if they were worth it or not.

Today, we’ll be looking at SBC Lorenzo Insigne. The Napoli #24 received a +2 upgrade from his NIF card, and has two more passing, one more physical, and one less dribbling than his IF card. His card looks like the perfect attacking midfielder or winger, with 90+ pace and dribbling, with 85 passing and decent shooting stats (check out his full stats below, courtesy of FUTBIN):

SBC Insigne’s IG Stats

Insigne’s SBC was pretty easy to complete - it required an 84-rated, 80-chem squad with one TOTW/Movember player. The challenge cost around 35k, which was a bargain when you consider the fact he is almost exactly the same as his 50k IF card.

His card has incredible pace and dribbling stats, as well as fantastic passing stats, making him the perfect winger or attacking midfielder. I applied the Deadeye chemistry style, boosting his shooting into the 80s, his passing into the 90s, and his dribbling to 95+.

I haven’t used this card as much as the other SBC cards, but he has started a few games in one of my squads, and been a substitute in several WL games. I usually bring him on as a left forward or CAM, and his pace and technical ability makes him a wonderful player to have in the later stages of a game.

Here are my stats with him:

Price: SBC cost me 35K

Chem Style: Maestro

Games: 15 (3 as a starter, 12 as a substitute)

Goals: 4

Assists: 4

Now, onto his in-game performances:

Pace: 10/10

Lightning fast. He feels far faster than 91 pace - he outpaces every player with ease, including the SBC Bellerin that is often tasked with handling him. His acceleration is insane - he can hit top speed almost instantly, leaving any opponents behind. There are so many occasions where he has received the ball while standing still, before bursting away from any defenders marking him before they have even had time to react. Possibly the fastest player I have used this year.

Dribbling: 10/10

Perfect. His high agility and balance make him feel incredible on the ball, and allow him to turn instantly. His ball-control and dribbling are perfect - he never fumbles on the ball, his first-touches are always spot-on, and the ball is absolutely glued to his feet. He is incredible hard to disposses - short of bodying him off the ball, or fouling him, he cannot be stopped. He has 4* skills, making him even harder to stop - he can pull off skills perfectly, and never loses the ball while performing them. I’ve used Messi this year in draft, and this guy is as close to Messi as it gets.

Shooting: 8/10

Very good. His finesse shots are consistent, and his longshots are pretty deadly too. His finishing inside the box isn’t perfect, but he always hits the target. His positioning is incredible - he always pops up in the right places, ready to receive the ball and either take a shot or play a killer ball. He is let down by his shot power - his shots are pretty weak, and he relies heavily on being able to perfectly place the ball, instead of powering it past the keeper.

Passing: 9/10

He is an incredible playmaker, with fantastic passing ability. He has great vision, allowing him to play through-balls with ease. His short passing is almost perfect, making him perfect for quick build-up play. His long-passing is relatively good - he misplaces some passes, but the majority of them are on target. His ability on the wing comes primarily from his crossing - his crossing is wonderful. He can whip them in all game long, and they are almost always on target. His freekicks and curve are very good - I didn’t manage to score one with him, but I hit the bar three times, all from over 25 yards out. His curve comes in very useful for corners - he managed to consistently find Smalling’s head from set-pieces, forcing many a save.

Defending: N/A

Not a crucial stat for a playmaker or winger, so I won’t comment too much on it. He doesn’t do much work defensively (which is a good thing), and he is far too weak to win any challenges.

Physical: 3/10

Insigne is so weak that a strong breeze could knock him over. He feels even weaker than his stats show (he has 48 strength IG) - I was unable to win a single challenge. His balance and agility can keep him on his feet for a little while, but eventually, he always loses the ball. His aggression is non-existent - he couldn’t put up a fight even if he wanted to. His stamina is the only decent stat here - he can run for ages without tiring.


Overall, I was very impressed by this card - his pace, dribbling and passing are at the level of a card like Lionel Messi. Even his shooting is very decent - I scored some bangers with him, and came close many, many times. He is an incredible player, and if you love players with fantastic technique, he is your guy. He can bamboozle entire teams with his dribbling, and has a lethal pass or shot to boot.

However, this card is seriously let down by his physicality - or rather, his lack of physicality. SBC Insigne is one of the weakest players I have ever used - he gets bullied constantly, muscled off the ball, and cannot win a challenge to save his life. In FUT 17, you need players who can hold their own on the ball. Even weaker players, like Dybala or Messi, have just enough strength and aggression to hold their own in some challenges, allowing you to take full advantages of the overpowered shielding mechanics in this game. However, with SBC Insigne, shielding is not an option - if he gets caught up to, he is finished. I’m someone who needs a little bit of physicality on my wingers or attacking midfielders - that’s why I rate TOTGS Giuliano and SIF/TIF Eriksen as the best attacking midfielders on the game, and IF Depay, Martial, Bale and Ronaldo as the best wingers.

Some people will love him - he’s quick, immaculate on the ball, and technically gifted, but ultimately, his lack of physicality makes him relatively ineffective for me.

Verdict: Probably not worth it - he wasn’t too pricey at 35K, but he just doesn’t fit my playstyle.