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Another round of iMOTM cards out for 24 hours

There are very worthy cards in this batch.

EA Sports

EA released another round of ‘International Man of the Match’ orange cards Monday, available for 24 hours (7 p.m. ET, 12 a.m. GMT), this time featuring a total of four special items.

Included are Fenerbahçe SK left winger-midfielder (a striker here) and Senegalese international Moussa Sow, Stoke City and Egyptian left-winger Ramadan Sobhi, Tunisian left-midfielder Naïm Sliti who plays for the French side Lille, and goalkeeper Fabrice Ondoa, the Cameroonian who plays for Sevilla’s reserve team.

This is the biggest release in the series, as EA haven’t released more than two per round since the start of this promotion. Sow’s card sticks out like a sore-thumb in this bunch, as it is truly the only one worth opening packs for.


Sow gets insane upgrades across the board. Passing stats increase by nine to 80, and shooting and dribbling increase by eight (88 and 87, respectively). Apart from that, what more is there to say? Go try to pack this guy now.


Ramadan Sobhi’s card moves up to a 74-overall rating. Dribbling and shooting get a generous boost, as do passing and physical. Overall, a great card to include your silver squads.


Similarly, Lille midfielder Naïm Sliti receives upgrades across the board. In my experience, not many people end up having french silver squads, but he’s still a worthy addition nonetheless.


Sevilla B-team goalkeeper Ondoa is the only bronze ‘inform’ in this bunch. If you’re a true hardcore professional, he may be of interest. (looking at you, Hashtag Harry.)

In the end, a solid round of iMOTM cards. I’d imagine most will try to pack and end up with one of the others instead. Worth a try though!