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Podolski MOTM, Mbemba and Alioui iMOTMs in packs for 24 hours

This is the fif-... never mind, I’ve lost count.

EA Sports

Yup. Literally another one. EA released two more orange ‘International Man of the Match’ cards and one special ‘Man of the Match’ card Tuesday.

Lukas Podolski, Galatasaray striker and former (sob) German international, scored five goals for his club as they ran riot, 6-2, against Erzincanspor in the Turkish Cup on Tuesday.

Among the iMOTMs were Newcastle’s center defensive midfielder Chancel Mbemba, currently on duty for Congo at the African cup of nations, and Rachid Alioui, the French-born Morrocan striker playing for Ligue 2 French side Nîmes Olympique.

Here’s a closer look at their respective upgrades, and what they’re going for on the market right now.


So, as predicted, Podolski is nowhere near cheap. His price should stagnate in a couple of hours and then continue to drop until this item expires tomorrow at 7 p.m. ET and 12 a.m. GMT. But, yeah, upgrades all across the board. Huge physicality and defending boosts (+8 and +9, respectively), one of which is negligible because I don’t suppose many of you will be trying to defend with Podolski. That strength increase is a major key, however, when it comes to shoving off defenders. Also, some very nice stat increases in shooting, passing, and dribbling.


Mbemba’s price is rather reasonable, but I’d still caution buyers to give it more time. The past few weeks’ trends indicate that the price is lowest at or around the 12-hour mark. Anyways, great card. 80 pace, 82 defending, and 83 physical — what more do you need from a CDM? Passing stats could’ve been a bit better, that’s a bit of a shame.


Ignore the price on this one. There likely no cards on the market currently, and that’s why FUTBIN’s algorithm wasn’t able to pick up the lowest buy-it-now price. For a high-rated silver card, this Alioui iMOTM doesn’t look bad, to be fair. I’m not deep in the silver squad game, but take a gander if you plan to and/or are in the process of building one.