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Next weekend’s FUT Champions almost had a Premier League focused requirement

After a couple of requirement-free weeks, requirements looked to be back in a big way — before they weren’t.

UPDATE, January 26, 3:58 p.m.: Looks like EA’s had a change of heart. What could’ve been:

Original post: EA have just updated the FUT Champions schedule for the coming weeks, revealing the requirements for the FUT Champions Weekend League for next weekend.

The requirements are a minimum of 16 players from the Premier League in the Starting XI and Subs - in other words, only two non-Premier League players (including legends) can make an appearance in a single team.

These requirements are sure to affect YouTubers and pro-players, most of whom run with teams made up of legends, TOTY players, Bundesliga backlines and Gareth Bale. One of these people, Bateson87, made his feelings clear on Twitter:

However, for the rest of us, it will probably be business as usual. From my experience in FUT Champs, the majority of players run with Premier League teams, so the requirements shouldn’t affect them too much. The only real difference will be that we’ll now see Musa, Martial, Smalling, and Butland in all 40 games over the weekend, instead of the usual 38 games.

While the requirements don’t kick in until next weekend, it does offer a great investment opportunity - Premier League player prices are sure to rise over the next week, so investing in a couple of key players (e.g. Kante) wouldn’t be a bad idea.