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iMOTM Mohamed Salah is ridiculous

Actively try to pack this guy, if you can.

EA Sports

Man, doesn’t it feel like FUTmas all over again? EA released another ‘International Man of the Match’ Wednesday, continuing the ongoing series. This time, there’s only one card: current AS Roma midfielder, former Chelsea player, and Egyptian international Mohamed Salah.

This man has been on fire in the Serie A this season, and had already racked up three informs (well, if you count the Ultimate Screams as informs) before receiving this one. Check out what his third inform is currently going for:


This price is sure to drop over the next 24 hours by the way, so if you don’t end up packing iMOTM Salah, my next suggestion would be to get in on this 24-hour crash sale if you happen to have the coins.

Here’s Salah’s non-inform.

So the new item, which I guess we can call his fourth inform (FIF), improves his pace (+5), shooting (+12), passing (+10), dribbling (+4), defense (+5), and physical (+9). An all-around upgrade. It’s safe to say this item is worth it.

Here’s an hourly analysis of how MOTM Lukas Podolski’s price changed from yesterday.

It looks like the dip came around the three hour mark and picked up again around noon. Right before the 24-hour mark, it seems to rise slightly as well.

Happy packing, y’all.