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iMOTM Moussa Sow review

True beast or simply over-priced?

Moussa Sow
Photo by Ozan Kose/EuroFootball/Getty Images

Today, we’ll be looking at iMOTM Moussa Sow, who received this position-changed orange card for his performances for Senegal in this year’s African Cup of Nations.

In the first 24 hours after this card was released, EA had to adjust its price-range twice in order to prevent this card from becoming extinct on the market. He initially had a maximum BIN of 150K, which was bumped up to 250K, and finally to 500K. I managed to snipe him for 90K in the first few hours after his release, used him for 7 games, and then sold him on.

I used Moussa Sow in this team:

iMOTM Sow Squad

Moussa Sow has some incredible in-game stats:

iMOTM Sow IG Stats without a chemistry style

Applying a hawk chemistry style (as I did) makes him even more ridiculous:

iMOTM Sow IG Stats with Hawk

One of the main reasons that Moussa Sow is so expensive is due to his similarity to the Liberian legend George Weah - iMOTM Sow actually beats Weah in a lot of crucial stats, and for an eighth of the price, he seems like a bargain.

Here are my stats with iMOTM Sow:

Price: 90,000 coins

Games: 7

Goals: 8

Assists: 1

Chem Style: Hawk

Unlike my past reviews, this will be relatively brief - I only played a handful of games with iMOTM Sow (I wanted to sell him on before his price dropped), so the review is based on those games.

Pace: 9/10

Sow is really, really fast. 89 pace seems about right - he can get away from most defenders, but he’s not fast enough to get away from the Walkers and Bellerins of the world. His pace is a little inconsistent - at times, he feels like a 90-pace player, and at others, he feels a lot slower. That being said, his pace is more than enough to cause problems.

Shooting: 9/10

Very clinical - he can finish from anywhere inside the box. His low, driven shots are great, his power shots are incredible, but his finesse shots aren’t the best. His 4* weak foot is pretty consistent, and he can finish on either foot. His longshots are terrible - he barely tested the keeper from outside the box in the seven games I used him - meaning you have to get him into the box in order to score with him.

Dribbling: 7/10

He has great agility and reactions, but his balance lets him down a little bit - he can turn really well, but he can also be knocked off the ball often. He has good dribbling and ball-control, but the ball doesn’t stick to his feet. His first touch can be a little shaky, and when he’s running, the ball can drift pretty far from his feet. The lack of 4* skills really affects the card - he’s lacking the flair needed to get out of some tough situations.

Passing: 7/10

Nothing spectacular - his short passing is good enough to allow him to take part in the build-up play, but his long-passing is very unreliable. His crossing isn’t too great either - I wasn’t able to get more than one on target. His freekicks are surprising decent - I expected them to end up in row Z, but he hit the target with both attempts. Passing definitely doesn’t feel like 80.

Defending: N/A

Doesn’t really do much defending as a striker, but he can win the ball back from time to time.

Physical: 9/10

He’s very strong, and that makes him very hard to push off the ball - however, don’t expect him to win challenges against stronger center backs. He has decent stamina, so he can run all game long, and his jumping is enough to make him an aerial threat. His aggression feels a lot lower - he loses a lot of 50-50 challenges with defenders.


Is iMOTM Moussa Sow a good player? Yes, he is - he’s a great player. He has the pace, power and technique needed to dominate in FUT 17. However, the card has many issues - his lack of 4* skills greatly limits his options, forcing him to rely on brute power and pace to break through defenses.

His price is another issue - he’s hovering at 350K now. That’s a lot of money to pay for a single player, especially when you could bring in several high-rated players for that price (for example, it’s enough to bring in any two out of Griezmann, Aubameyang and Dybala).

My biggest issue with this card was how hard it was to incorporate him into a good team. His nation and league are not conducive to hybrids, and the players he gets links to may be good, but they are not fantastic. Short of surrounding him with legends, or relying on the likes of iMOTM/IF Podolski, IF Mane, or SBC Eto’o, he is really hard to link up.

Overall, he’s a great player, and lot of fun to use, but I wouldn’t say he’s worth it. There is a high chance of EA releasing a “team of the tournament” for AFCON, which would see this card being re-released (or a higher rated version of Sow being released) - at that point, his price may fall. For his price, you can get better players, in easier to use leagues.