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SIF Coleman - the best RB in game

This man can do everything.

Seamus Coleman
Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Today, we'll be looking at SIF Seamus Coleman. The Irishman has grown into one of the best right backs in the league over the last couple of seasons - blessed with great technique, fantastic defensive ability, and an eye for goal, Coleman is the epitome of the modern fullback.

His SIF card in FUT has been heavily boosted, pushing all his card stats over 80, and making him over 86 rated in every outfield position on the field (with a basic chemistry style on 10 chemistry).

On 10 chemistry, with the basic chemistry style, he’s 86+ rated everywhere.

He has incredible in-game stats:

SIF Coleman IG Stats

His defensive stats can be boosted significantly with the anchor chemistry style (as I did):

SIF Coleman on 8 chemistry with Anchor

Thanks to the Lunar New Year pack promotions, you can pick up SIF Coleman for 90,000 coins. His card comes out of packs as RWB, but with the RWB > RB card costing a meagre 200 coins, the conversion isn't expensive.

I used Seamus Coleman in this team in the Weekend League (I switch to 41212(2) in-game):

My team (switch to 41212(2) in-game)

As someone without too much time on his hands, I rarely manage to make it through all 40 games in the weekend league (I've only done it 4 times). Instead, I play 20 games over the three days - Seamus Coleman played in all those 20 games, and I only lost two of them.

Here are my stats with SIF Coleman:

Price: 84,500

Games: 20

Goals: 3

Assists: 6

Chem Style: Anchor

Let’s get to the review.

Pace: 10/10

He's more than fast enough - in game, he feels a lot faster than 83 pace. In all the 20 games, he never got outpaced on the wing, even when he came up against Martial and Ronaldo. His pace is also an incredible asset when going forward - he can burst past opposition players with ease, and is rarely caught. When combined with his fantastic crossing stat, his pace makes him one of the best wide players in the game.

Shooting: 9/10

His long shots are very good - he scored one for me, and hit the crossbar at least twice. His positioning is fantastic - he constantly pops up in dangerous positions, beating the defensive lines. His remaining two goals were scored from inside the box - his finishing is very good for a defender.

Passing: 10/10

His crossing is perfect. It's as simple as that. He can cross the ball from anywhere, with either foot, and it always finds the target. His short passing is very good, allowing him to take part in build-up play, and his long passing is good enough for him to easily switch the play or ping a perfect through ball. His freekick stats are atrocious, but I didn't rely on him for that.

Dribbling: 10/10

I have no complaints about his dribbling - his first touch and dribbling are solid, and he rarely loses control of the ball. His agility and balance stats are decent too, allowing him to twist and turn with ease, making him a handful for defenders. Finally, his high reactions stat is crucial - he is always the first to react after a tackle.

Defending: 10/10

Genuinely incredible. His 80+ interceptions allow him to cut out a lot of opposition attacks and intercept crucial passes. His marking and tackling stats are incredibly high - he rarely loses his man, and if he catches up with a player, they are not getting away. I've had games where he has completely neutralized Ronaldo (both the NIF and the TOTY). Overall, he is a complete defender - he can stop attacks before they begin, and if the opposition somehow manage to get past him, he can consistently win the ball back. His heading accuracy is relatively low, but that doesn't affect the card.

Physical: 10/10

His High/High workrates, combined with 99 stamina, make him an absolute workhorse. He can bomb up and down the field all game long without ever getting tired. His strength is above average, and he is far stronger than most full-backs - as a result, stronger wingers like Bale, Ronaldo or Martial cannot torment him. Shielding is relatively ineffective against a player like this - he is strong enough to win the challenge, and his tackling stats are good enough to disposses anyone. His aggression stats is incredibly important to the card - he can bully any opponent, and win the majority of duels on the ground and in the air. His jumping feels higher than 79 - he rarely loses a header, and completely dominates any area that he is in charge of covering.


As you can see, I think he may be the perfect full-back. His pace is more than enough, and he has incredible technical and physical stats, making him perfect for his game. He is a defensive powerhouse, with a tremendous amount of creative ability, as well as substantial attacking prowess. For 90,000 coins, you are getting the best RB in the game. I play him on 8 chemistry, and he's still the best right back I have used this year (even better than TOTY Dani Alves, whose H/L workrates ruin him).

Get him while he’s cheap - you’ll not regret it.