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Ones To Watch return to FUT 17 February 3 - February 10

OTW is back!

One of the more popular promotions from the early portions of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is set to come back with a vengeance.

In an advertising video first unveiled on social media before Sky Sports Deadline Day reports, the FIFA 17 team announced Ones To Watch will return from Friday, February 3 to Friday, February 10.

Though the specifics still aren’t fully unveiled, here’s what we can take away from the promotional advertisement:

Ones To Watch Is Back!

Good news FIFA Ultimate Team fans. Ones To Watch *IS BACK*!

Posted by FUT Nation on Monday, January 30, 2017

  • We should expect all the top Winter Transfers to be available in packs by no later than Friday. Most have been introduced iteratively as their paperwork has been made official with FIFA.
  • We'll definitely be getting Squad Building Challenges as well with the previously known about guaranteed Ones To Watch packs. Per the advertisement, we'll have shots at *any* Ones To Watch item, which ostensibly would include the original round of OTW cards.

So what should you do? Invest in 84 and 85 overall rated cards and discard in-forms now. This weekend will be here sooner than you think.

Also go ahead and set your expectations for The Weekend League servers low. As we’ve seen during basically every promotion during the course of the past two months, any big hype weekend tends to lend to worse and worse gameplay. If you don’t see five-bars, be sure to back out and look for an opponent with a stronger connection.

The hype is real, ladies and gentlemen. Roll on Friday.