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This teaser video should get you hyped for FUT Team of the Year

It’s almost time.

There are several events on the FIFA gaming calendar that we look forward to every year. Arguably the biggest one is the annual release of the Team of the Year cards. 11 of the best players in the game receive special blue cards and the community loses their collective minds trying to pack or buy them.

This year should be no different with FUT participation being at an all-time high this late into the game’s life with the Weekend League keeping the title fresh and in our minds.

EA Sports released the above advertisement/hype video for the TOTY release, that begins on Monday, in which they ask some of the world’s best players who they think is the best player in the world at each of the four main positions: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward

The majority of it is players picking their friends or teammates. Some are hilariously biased like Bayern Munich’s Holger Badstuber claiming that Bastian Schweinsteiger is the best midfielder in the world. Jose Mourinho probably got a good laugh at that.

While he’s not a betting favorite to receive a TOTY card, we can’t help but notice a certain Paul Pogba being front and center in the ad. While he was honored with a card last year and is one of the most popular cards in this year’s edition, it doesn’t look likely he’ll be popping out of packs in blue form come next week, unfortunately.

It should be a fantastic week of Ultimate Team goodness. Are you ready for the madness?