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FIFA 17 Career Mode Road to Glory: Taking the Chicago Fire to the very top

It all starts here.

(We all know that FIFA can’t compete head to head with Football Manager. They’re not the same. It’s like comparing apples to bicycles. But what if we wanted to try anyway.

Here’s the goal: take the worst team in MLS, the Chicago Fire, through Manager mode in a true Managerial fashion. Transfers, formations, scouting, will all be under my control. Everything except actually playing the matches. Then it’s sim-time. How far can I get? We. Shall. See.)

Chicago (Feb 1, 2016) - For Immediate Release:

In a shocking turn of events, the Fire has turned to a complete unknown to lead them into the 2016 season.

“This is amazing. I am truly honored to be a part of this club. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I’ve watched on TV, I’ve sat in the stands and cheered with many of you. I understand the frustration that the fans have been feeling these past years, and, I’m here to tell you, we’re going to turn things around.”

A possible leaked document outlining Ferrigan’s expectations in his first year at the helm.

“I understand that many of you are concerned that we missed the January transfer window. I’m not worried. I believe that we have the players that can achieve something great in this league. We’re going to look at some options in the upcoming preseason, as far as formations and positions are concerned. Everyone’s going to get a shot. Every player is important. I can choose the players, I can set up the formations, but it’s up to those guys to go out there and do it. And I have the utmost confidence that they can.”

The Fire made the surprising move of choosing a trip to Mexico for their first preseason under Ferrigan.
A 3-5-2 in his first match in charge?
The 3-5-2 gamble pays off as the new man gets a W in his first match in charge.
Some minor personnel changes, but the 3-5-2 remains.
Draw for Ferrigan in his 2nd match in charge. Still, 4 points was enough to put them joint top of the group with the team they’d meet in the next round.
A flat 4-4-2 and a new striker up top. A risky move going into a match with the potential to win the group.
And the gamble pays off! Two goals by the RB Ramos will give Ferrigan something to think about before the knockout round.
Only one change in the lineup for the start of the knockout round. What happened to his quote about giving everyone a look?
A bright start ends in disappointment as the new manager’s first preseason ends with a Penalty Shootout loss.

“Overall, it’s hard to say whether I’m happy or not with our performance during the preseason. You’re never happy after a loss. And a loss on penalties, sometimes those hurt a little more. No, absolutely not, no blame on Goossens for missing that penalty in the 36th. He made his in the shootout so I have no problem with him taking another. At any point.

Right now I’m not 100% sure about our formation to start the season. We showed some good adaptability with a variety of formations, and that will give our opponents pause. And who knows, maybe we’ll work on a few others just to keep ‘em guessing.

I don’t really want to talk about who played and who didn’t. Every guy on that team knows that they are important and that they have a role to play in the upcoming season. I’ve spoken to each and every one of them and have the confidence that when they are called upon, they will perform.