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Quincy Promes: the cheap Dutch winger you’ve needed all along

You may want to pick him up before he moves to the Premier League.

FC Spartak Moscow v FC Rubin Kazan - Russian Premier League Photo by Epsilon/Getty Images

Quincy Promes is a pacy Dutch winger that plays for FC Spartak Moscow, and if you’re someone that wants to build up your Russian League squad — then this guy might singlehandedly be able to man the right flank for you. Apart from being a decent dribbler and having above average shooting stats, a move to Liverpool may be on the cards for this guy in January, so if you’re looking to bolster your Russian squad, pick him up quickly.

General Information

Name: Quincy Promes

Age: 24

Nationality: Dutch

Team (League): FC Spartak Moscow (Russian Premier League)

Height: 5’8

Weight: 154 pounds

Other Information

Skills: 4*

Weak Foot: 4*

Traits: Selfish, Flair, Long Shot Taker, Technical Dribbler

Specialties: Acrobat

I used him as a wide winger that cut inside or crossed whenever possible, and used his pace to start quick counters with him, either delivering the through pass or using him to get behind the defensive line after the through ball. Here’s the setup in which I used his card.

Chemistry Style: Hawk

Position: RW

Formation: 4-3-3(4)

Games played: 96

Goals: 26

Assists: 16

Instructions: Get in behind, cut inside, stay forward

Stats: Base (with Chem. style)

Courtesy of FUTBin

Acceleration, 86 (96): This is one of the things that disappointed me about him. He just can't accelerate as fast as he should.

Sprint speed, 91 (96): Promes is so fast. If he gets some space to accelerate, he can outrun everybody. He probably has one of the fastest sprint speeds in the game.

Positioning, 79 (89): He always makes space for himself and teammates. He gets wide and stays there until about 20 yards from goal, and then cuts inside so the right back can overlap.

Finishing, 82 (87): Wingers don't score that often in this FIFA but when this guy is in front of goal, he finishes nearly everything.

Shot power, 82 (92): His shots are very powerful, and gives the keeper no chance to react if he's close enough to the goal.

Long shots, 83 (93): You don't regularly get a chance to test his long shots. But when he gets a chance, he can hit quite the banger into the top corner.

Volleys, 68 (78): Volleys are powerful, but can't really give much direction to them.

Penalties, 72 (77): Didn't really take a penalty; Probably one or two in shootouts, which he scored.

Vision, 76: Can spot a teammate in most situations. As long as you try to pass to someone who he's looking towards, he'll do the job.

Crossing, 73: Can deliver the ball into the danger area. His crosses curve away from the keeper which is dangerous for the opponent.

Free kick, 76: Did try a couple of free kicks with him. Didn't score one but still can test the keeper in the danger area.

Short passing, 74: Does a lot of one-two’s. Almost always delivers with the right power from close range.

Long passing, 69: Can deliver a dangerous pass in behind the defense. Don't expect too much though.

Curve, 75: His outside-the-foot shots curve so much. Keepers have no chance if he's in the position to shoot with the outside of his foot.

Agility, 87: So agile. He makes most defenders dance, and can outbalance tall defenders with ease.

Balance, 78: Can keep his balance in most situations and only falls down when the opponent makes a tackle.

Reactions, 81: Anticipates quickly, and can improvise in tight situations.

Ball control, 82: Can control the ball really well. Always tries to control in such a way so that he can plan his next move.

Dribbling, 83: Dribbles well. Nearly never lets the ball go too far from his feet; he can dribble at a high speed too.

Interceptions, 24: Although he isn't a defender, he can intercept the ball if there is pressure on the opponent.

Heading, 60: Can't really give direction when he heads the ball and misses a lot of free headers.

Marking, 25: When he takes over the position of the right back, he can easily mark his man like a real defender.

Standing tackle, 24: Does them a lot in-game and is successful at times.

Sliding tackle, 27: Trying to slide tackle with him will most likely result in a free kick for the opponent and a card for Promes.

Jumping, 82 (92): Can get his head on nearly every cross aimed towards him, although a strong defender will keep him on the ground.

Stamina, 80: He never gets tired, even in the 90th he can still outrun defenders.

Strength, 61 (66): Very weak. If the opponent’s defenders use their body to nudge him off the ball, he'll most likely fly a couple of yards.

Aggression, 60 (70): Not aggressive in any way, and He won't do anything special to win the ball.


  • Sprint speed
  • Outside-the-foot shot
  • 4-star skills
  • 4-star Weak Foot
  • Good finishing
  • Very powerful shot
  • Controls the ball well
  • Agility
  • Jumping
  • Accurate crossing, especially into the danger area
  • Stamina
  • Defends well, despite low work rate


  • Takes a while to accelerate
  • Weak
  • Not very aggressive


  • Value: 10/10
  • Performance: 8/10
  • Performance (with Hawk Chem. style): 9/10
  • Strengths vs. Weaknesses: 9/10
  • For what he adds to your team: 8/10

Overall rating: 8.8/10

Is Promes worth it?

Surely, if you haven't got a lot of coins and want a RW that can link with other Dutch/Russian League players, he is your man. Even if you have a lot of coins, this guy can add quite a bit to your game. He isn’t on the level of Messi and Bale, but at the price of 800 coins, he could be considered a cheap version of the two.