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You’ll want to do this FIFA 17 Team of the Year Tuxedo Kit SBC

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It’s lit.

EA released a new Squad Building Challenge Monday, with the reward honoring the annual FIFPro World XI ceremony, better known in the FIFA community as Team of the Year, which were also held on Monday in Zürich, Switzerland.

The SBC kit itself pays homage to the tuxedos the players in attendance will be wearing. Take a look.

EA also sent actual versions of the kit to a number of well known FUT personalities/streamers:

Here’s what you need to do in order to get this swanky item (along with 1 Premium Gold Players Pack).


Nationalities; Min. 7

Leagues: Min. 3

Team Overall Rating: Min. 79

Team Chemistry: Min. 80

Number of players in the Squad: 11