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FIFA 17 Team of the Year release order is different this time. TOTY Forwards go first


EA Sports have surprised us all by flipping the script on their Team of the Year release. Instead of beginning by putting Goalkeepers and Defenders in packs first, they’ve decided to kick off this insane week by putting the Fowards in packs.

That means that TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo, TOTY Lionel Messi, and TOTY Luis Suarez are now in packs.

In the past, EA have usually released each individual group of positions separately, culminating with the full Team of the Year being in packs towards the end. For some reason they’ve decided to kick off the hype by putting the most desirable players in packs first.

In addition to the surprise order of TOTY releases, EA have also dropped many new SBC’s including a TOTY-inspired one that gifts you a tuxedo kit. There’s also the return of Guaranteed TOTW packs and Guaranteed league packs ready to destroy your cards and coins.

What a way to kick off the week!