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The complete guide to completing the Luis Suarez SBC on FIFA 17

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A team-by-team walkthrough of the Squad Building Challenge.

FC Barcelona v Atletico Madrid - Copa Del Rey Semi-final: Second Leg Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Earlier this week, EA released the Scottish Premier League and La Liga League SBCs (be sure to check out our article about that). Today, we’ll be looking at the La Liga SBC, whose prize is a 94-rated SBC Luis Suarez and 30,000 coins.

The La Liga Santander SBC is unique for a couple of reasons. First, it is the first of the huge leagues to receive an SBC, thus paving the way for us to potentially see a Calcio A, Bundesliga and Premier League SBCs, with prizes such as SBC Higuain, SBC Lewandowski and SBC Kane respectively.

Second, the La Liga SBC is relatively immune to price-fixing compared to past SBCs (I’m looking at you Toulouse). Most clubs have entirely gold starting XIs, putting a relatively reasonable price cap on most teams.

Finally, the La Liga SBC has some truly incredible pack rewards. For completing all the 20 teams, you receive 422,500 coins worth of packs, 30,000 coins and a 94-rated Luis Suarez.

On the Xbox, Suarez’s 92-rated NIF card goes for 320,000 coins, while his 93-rated card has dropped to around 730,000 (it used to be over 900K), so it’s not a stretch to imagine that this 94-rated card would have a market value of close to a million coins.

The SBC can currently be completed, from scratch, for anywhere between 580K and 650K on Xbox, and 650K to 750K on Playstation. Even with terrible pack luck, you can complete the SBC and receive a 94-rated Suarez (who is incredible BTW) for 300-400K, which is a bargain for a 94-rated player.

I managed to complete the SBC for around 550K, and after opening my packs, receiving no stunning players, selling most of the items, and factoring in the 30,000 coin reward for completing the whole league, this Luiz Suarez cost me around 200K. In my opinion, that is an absolute steal - not only do I have one of the best strikers in the game for the rest of FUT 17, but I’m also fully stocked up on consumables, and still have unsold players floating around my club.

I will split this guide into two sections. First, I’ll talk about the overall strategy for completing this SBC, then I will talk about each of the teams individually.

Overall Strategy:

TL;DR: I would not recommend doing all the teams at once - work your way through them, opening the packs after each one, so that you can use the players you pack for the next team.

As with all SBCs, you will have to patient. It’s in your best interest to wait for the right time to buy players: good times to do this are Wednesday night after TOTW release, Thursday night after the WL rewards come out, or Monday night after the WL finishes and people offload their teams. As it happens, this weekend will probably see prices drop even further, as a Premier League focused Weekend League will cause the prices of expensive La Liga players to drop. Finally, any evening when EA announce a new promotion or event will see prices drop.

Second, the La Liga is flooded with cheap gold players, so you only need to rely on silver players for a few teams. Your best bet is late-night bidding, or attempting to snipe them for a little cheaper. Due to higher price ranges, these players are not going to go extinct.

Finally, it is important to remember that all these teams require a minimum of 95 chemistry — that means that you can get by with a player completely out of position and another player slightly out of position, or a couple of players slightly out of position. This is an important strategy - there will be teams where the strikers, wingers, full-backs or even center-backs are incredibly expensive. In these situations, you want to buy the rest of the team, and then pick up a second goalkeeper to fill in the missing position (goalkeepers tend to be far cheaper, as there can only be one of them in the correct position in a team).

With that out of the way, let’s get into the teams. For each team, I’ll explain how I approached it, the expected cost, the pack rewards, and whether it is worth completing. Next to each team’s name, I will put one of three symbols - I will include a “+” if this is a profitable SBC, a “~” if it is one where you can expect to break even, and a “!” if this is a guaranteed loss-maker.

Team-by-team walkthrough:

Athletic Bilbao (~): This is your garden variety SBC team. Bilbao have gold players for each position, so it won’t be too hard to complete. I would recommend buying another midfielder and converting them to CF if the striker is too expensive, and to use RW at LW. The team will cost you around 15K, and you get a 25K pack for it. You can probably make 10K or so back from the pack, so it’s not a profit-maker, but it’s not too bad.

Atletico Madrid (!): This one is bad. To complete it, you will need to use one of NIF Griezmann, IF Gameiro or Scream/IF Felipe Luis, as well as Godin, Oblak and Gaitan. It’s the most expensive one in this league, but there isn’t a way around it. This will cost you around 180K on Xbox, and 230K on Playstation, and you get a 45K pack back. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll make your money back here, so just write this off as a heavy loss.

CA Osasuna (!): This is a Toulouse in the making. As one of the only teams without a full gold starting XI, you will need silvers and bronzes, and expect to shell out a lot to buy those players. This will cost you around 25-30K, and you get a paltry 5K pack back, so this is another one where you are guaranteed to make a loss. I would recommend bidding on these silvers, or trying to snipe them for a bargain.

CD Leganes (~): This one is really easy - they have an abundance of cheap golds, and the silvers are pretty cheap, so it’s not a challenge to complete. Use CBs and GKs in the full-back positions, and you’re set. This should cost < 10K, and you get a 10K pack back, so you have a decent chance of breaking even (especially if you hit a good NR gold or a decent chemistry style).

Celta Vigo (~): Another relatively cheap one. You can build a full gold team, and plug any gaps with cheap silvers. Wait for a week without MMs that need Spanish Players, and you are set. All in all, this will cost around 10K, and you get a 15K back, so you’re pretty much going to break even.

Deport. Alaves (!): Another bad one. Once again, they don’t have enough gold players, so you’ll need to use silvers. However, if you are clever with position changes, you can save a lot of money. No matter what, you’re not doing this for less than 15-20K, so the 10K pack you receive isn’t going to cover it.

FC Barcelona (!): Yet another bad one. This isn’t on the level of Atletico, but it isn’t pleasant to turn in Busquets, Iniesta, Pique, and Rakitic. It’ll set you back around 100K, and the 35K pack you receive will probably not make it back. However, this is the first big pack, so the potential pay-out is huge, but don’t count on it.

Granada CF (!): This is the last team in the league without a full gold starting XI, so this is the last one where you’ll be forking over a lot of money for silver players. You’re going to have to spend around 20K here, and you’ll only get a 7.5K pack back, so it’s unlikely that you’ll make your money back.

Malaga CF (+): The first of the money makers. For less than 10K, you can complete this team, and you get a 25K pack back. I completed it for around 7K thanks to a few good snipes. Either way, you’ll probably make a profit.

RC Deportivo (+): If you play this one carefully, you can make a small profit. I did a lot of mass-bidding, and sniped a couple of silvers, letting me do it for 5K. But even if you don’t do that, you can get this done for 6-8K, and with a 7.5K pack, you’ll break even and possibly even turn a profit.

RCD Espanyol (+): Now we’re getting to the good stuff - yet another team with an abundance of gold players and some cheap silvers, as well as plenty of cheap players to fill any open positions. You can get this for < 10K, and you get a 25K pack back. You’ll make your money back here, and some.

Real Betis (+): Yet another good one. They have a lot of golds, as well as cheap silvers, so you can get this for 8-10K. You get a 15K pack back with loads of consumables, so there’s a good chance you’ll make a tidy profit on this.

Real Madrid (!): Just when you thought everything was going to be OK, we have the last of the bad teams. You will need a 86-rated team here, and it’ll cost at least 140K to do that. You get a 50K pack back, but barring an incredible pack pull, you’ll probably lose money here (I did). The good news is that after this, it’s all profit.

Real Sociedad (+): Yet another team with a lot of golds and silvers, so you can do this for <10K, and walk away with a 15K pack. With the WL in progress, consumables are pretty expensive, so you’ll make a profit here.

SD Eibar (+): Once again, a plethora of cheap gold options, discard value rare golds, and cheap silvers all allow you to complete this for 8-9K, and you get a 15K pack for your troubles. Definitely worth it.

Sevilla FC (+): This is the best one of the lot. There are a lot of rare golds that you need, but you can get them all for very cheap, and can complete this entire team for 12-15K. You get a 45K pack back, and even with terrible luck, you can make 15K back easily.

Sporting Gijon (+): Loads of cheap golds and relatively cheap silvers make this another good one. This is one where a few position changes and players out of position can save you a lot of coins. You can do this for 12-15K, and you get a 25K pack back, so there’s a good chance you’ll make a profit here, or at least break even.

UD Las Palmas (-): Another almost fully gold team, interspersed with affordable silvers, UD Las Palmas can be completed for < 9K, and you get a 12.5K players pack back. With this SBC and the MMs out, as well as all the past League SBCs, you probably be able to get your money back here. If you get lucky with a NR gold or a silver, you can make a decent profit.

Valencia CF (+): You can do this will all gold players, and if you play a couple out of position, you can finish this for 10-12K. You get a 25K pack back, and as it’s an all players pack, you can definitely turn a profit.

Villarreal CF (+): They saved one of the best for last. You can complete this for less than 10K thanks to all the gold players, and you get a 25K pack for your troubles. Once again, you can make a tidy profit here.


So there you have it, my guide to the La Liga Santander SBC. I didn’t have the best pack luck doing it when the SBC came out — I pulled an AFCON TOTT, two cheap OTWs, an IF, and a Martial, and I still only spent <200K in total. It’s a very worthwhile SBC to do, and it gives out some incredible rewards.

If you have a decent pull in one of the packs, you could make all of your money back, and if you don’t, 300-400K is still a bargain for a 94-rated player.