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Downgrades coming to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?

Beginning February 17, we may begin seeing Winter Upgrades *and* downgrades

Earlier today, EA updated the FIFA 17 website to reveal the release date for what they are calling the “Ratings Refresh” (the third item on the page).

Ratings Refresh
EA Sports

Traditionally, we’ve seen “Winter Upgrades”, but the new name and graphic suggests we may see downgrades, for the first time in FUT history.

These “refreshed” items will be released into packs over a 10-day period, from February 17 to February 27, and they will remain in packs for the rest of the year. When they are released, the list of players affected should be available here.

We’ll have plenty of news and commentary as well as we see these new cards released into Ultimate Team over the new few weeks.