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The most OP keeper in FUT 17 has a message for the haters

Do better.

Jack Butland.

The name alone sends shivers down the spine of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team players.

For reasons seemingly unknown, Butland, England’s potential top keeper, is one of if not the most dominant goalkeepers in FUT 17. If you’ve been playing the almost Premier League exclusive Weekend League this past weekend, you’ve undoubtedly cursed his name no fewer than a half dozen times.

One such FUT player took to social media to ask the virtual Butland’s real life counterpart what the deal was. Why was scoring on the getting-over-injury-in-reality keeper so dang hard in EA Sports’ popular video game?

The athlete had just about the perfect response:

Fair play, JB.

The actual Butland is reportedly on the cusp of coming back from a huge injury blow which cost him most of this current campaign. After breaking his ankle in an England friendly against Germany, Butland’s missed much of the last 12 months of action.

Should he return to his Stoke City side before the end of the season, if Butland’s even 75% as good as his video game self, we could see an inform in our nightmares for the rest of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team life cycle.