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Old Ones To Watch get new life with tradeable and untradeable OTW SBCs

It’s all popping off on FUT.

The Ultimate Team fun just keeps on coming with the release of brand new Ones to Watch winter transfers on Friday. Along with a brand new set of cards, EA Sports have released several new Squad Building Challenges with some awesome rewards.

Much like they did during Black Friday and FUTmas, EA have adapted the guaranteed reward packs specifically for Ones to Watch cards both past and present. That’s right. Not only are the new cards available in regular packs and guaranteed packs, but the old summer editions of Ones to Watch cards are back and available as prizes in the SBC’s.

The new live OTW SBC’s are as follows:

OTW: Summer (Untradeable)

OTW: Summer (Tradeable)

OTW: Winter (Untradeable)

OTW: Winter (Tradeable)

All of the SBC’s require you to submit one previous Ones to Watch player, while the OTW: Summer (Tradeable) SBC specifically requires you to submit a Team of the Week player also.

Hopefully you have a ton of coins or prepared yourself really well for this. It’s about to get crazy.

There was initially something wrong with the SBC reward packs as they were not giving our guaranteed players like the SBC suggests they should:

EA ultimately remedied the solution after taking the SBCs down for a few hours. It’s believed they’ll compensate those impacted by the technical issue.