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iMOTM Aboubakar available in packs until 7 p.m. ET, midnight GMT

Going for cheap on the market, but maybe not worth your money.

EA Sports

On Sunday, Cameroon won the 2017 African Cup of Nations, coming from behind to beat Egypt, 2-1; second-half goals from Lyon center-back Nicolas N'Koulou and Beşiktaş striker Vincent Aboubakar canceled out Mohamed Elneny's early tally in the first half.

In honor of the nation’s fifth title, EA released a special ‘International Man of the Match’ Aboubakar Monday evening. The card will be available in packs for 24 hours, until 7 p.m. ET and midnight GMT. This will probably be the last of its kind, at least for a while.

Aboubakar’s non-inform striker card comes in at an overall rating of 78, and this becomes his first special item of the FUT 17 cycle. With the iMOTM, the Cameroonian goes to an 82 overall and gets some not-so notable stat boosts.

At first glance, not a very special card. At only 20k, this will still attract the collectors — for them, this is pretty much a steal. 84 Pace and 80 Shooting aren’t anything to rave about, but with 84 Physicality, Aboubakar does stand a chance against your opponent’s stronger center-backs.

Give this guy a go if you’re so inclined. Stats don’t always tell the whole story. Just ask fans of Salomón Rondon.