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La Liga, Scottish Premier League SBC’s released for FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

SBC Luis Suarez is here and the hype is real.

EA Sports have finally dropped the next set of league Squad Building Challenges and they are a doozy. La Liga is the first of the huge leagues to get an SBC and the prize just so happens to be an untradeable upgraded Luis Suarez item along with 30,000 coins.

In addition to the massive Suarez/La Liga attraction, they’ve also added the Scottish Premier League SBC with an untradeable Leigh Griffiths awarded at the end with 10,000 coins.

Like all other league SBC’s, each team has their own challenge. Once you complete every challenge you are awarded the untradeable player at the end. Notable SBC’s previously included Alexandre Lacazette for completing the Ligue 1 challenge. That was definitely the most desirable card from the league challenges until this Suarez was dropped into our laps.

Prepare for La Liga cards to skyrocket in price. If you have no desire to get Suarez, then it’s time to sell all of your La Liga cards now to make all the coins.

Once again EA are keeping Ultimate Team fresh with new and exciting things. Well done, guys.