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Palacios Kit is the FUT Champions Club January reward

It’s quite nice.

As they’ve done for every month since the launch of FIFA 17, EA Sports have rewarded members of the FUT Champions Club with a cool new kit to play with in Ultimate Team. January’s reward is called the “Palacios kit” and it features a neat little design, like so:

So far, this is one of the nicer looking kits they’ve rewarded players with. In addition to the the dueling, crossing sashes (otherwise known as an X) the shorts are also red.

It’s not exactly known why it’s called the “Palacios kit” as EA haven’t released any explanation. Unless I’m completely missing something obvious. Feel free to let me know I’m not very smart in the comments below.

To be eligible to receive these monthly awards you must be a member of the FUT Champions Club and play at least one match during the month of the awarding. You can still become a member by registering here.