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A guide to ‘Leagues’ in FIFA Mobile

This feature isn’t even available on the console game.

Real Madrid CF v Borussia Dortmund - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

One of the main differences between FIFA on Mobile and FIFA on console is that you can join a league. A league is a way of joining other people playing FIFA Mobile, chatting with them, and exchanging gifts and tips. You can set up your own league for 5,000 coins or apply to join an existing league.

You can join an existing league by searching for it in the league menu. You can also find a league by posting on a site such as the FUT Mobile Reddit or Futhead. There are always posts on both sites looking for new members to join a league, so you should have an easy way in that way.

Many existing leagues set minimum requirements for goal scoring and team overall, so don't be surprised if you don't get accepted into a league straight away.

The admins of a league have the ability to accept people into a league, but they also have the power to kick/remove people. This happens without you being notified, so if you go on and are out of a league then this has sadly happened to you. Some leagues have a chat of some sort outside of the in game chat, so you may be added to this. It can be very helpful to organize things and share tips with fellow members, as the in game chat is pretty bad.

You do not need to be a member of a league to play the game, but it definitely boosts your experience of the game and makes it far more enjoyable.

As a part of a league, you can participate in tournaments against other leagues in League v. League (LvL) tournaments, to move up the league rankings, and also your league members in League Championships, purely for bragging rights but finishing in the Top 3 gets you a small coin and XP bonus.

A League v. League (LvL) Tournament pits your league against a random opposition league, with each LvL lasting 24 hours.

Each member participating in the tournament then has three turns to attack one of your opponent's defense, attempting to score as many as the possible. Each member can also be attacked by the opposition a maximum of three times. The league with the most goals at the end of the 24 hours wins! Simple as that.

When your league finishes a LvL, you receive between one and three league tokens, depending on the result of the LvL - one for losing, two for drawing and three for winning.

When you collect 10 of these tokens, you can trade them in for a League Master token, which I will explain the use of in a later article.

As a member of a league, you can unlock four special untradeable players, which you can only get as a part of a league:

  • 90 RM Juan Mata - unlocks after your league scores a total of 100,000 goals.
  • 90 CDM Andrea Pirlo - unlocks after your league scores a total of 25,000 free kicks.
  • 90 CAM Luka Modric - unlocks after your league wins a total of 30,000 attack mode matches.
  • 95 ST Robert Lewandowski - unlocks after you have played 5 games, against fellow league member, with all three of Mata, Pirlo and Modric in your team.

These do take a while to complete, but all of the are achievable if everyone in your league contributes towards the target.

League Championships are much more casual compared to LvLs. The admins of your league can set the length of each round, the number of turns in each round, and the difficulty of the AI you face.

Placing in the Top 3 of a League Championships will earn you a small coin and XP bonus. Finishing in the bottom few places puts you at risk of missing out of LvLs, as the game sometimes excludes the bottom couple of places from them in order to quickly match against another league.