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FIFA 17 title update 7: What you need to know

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There are some big changes coming to FUT Champions.

FIFA 17’s seventh title update has just become available on PC, and it’s a big one. It’s clearly been designed with FUT Champions in mind, and is bringing a couple of massive changes regarding attribute cards, certain card types, and that pesky penalty arrow.

Here is what you need to know:

Patch Notes
EA Sports FIFA
Patch Notes
EA Sports FIFA

As always there are a few visual/presentation changes, the biggest of which is the standardization of the latency bar graphic across all online modes. There’s also a game play change to prevent goalkeepers from missing the ball on pass backs.

The rest of changes are all to do FUT Champions. The first is the limit being placed on the number of times you can win the daily knockout tournament, thus preventing already qualified players from winning it over and over again. They’ve also modified the leader board slightly, so as to display the number of games a person has remaining.

The three really big changes are the limit on attribute items in FUT Champions games, player type squad restrictions on FUT Champions squads, and removing the penalty kick indicator entirely.

It’s currently unknown if the limit on attribute cards is a complete ban, or if players are now restricted to only a certain number of them. This is an attempt by EA to standardize the competitive FIFA scene, as these attribute cards are not usable at Regionals or other EA competitions.

The new player type squad restriction still has people scratching their heads.

As of now, we’re not completely certain what this means — is this the end of bronze-benching? Or something else entirely? Some people are speculating it could be used to put a cap on the number of special cards and legends, whilst others suspect it may force you to use a full gold starting XI and Subs. We’ll know for sure when FUT Champions roles around this weekend.

The final change is the removal of the penalty indicator all together. This is a welcome change to most FUT Champions players - until now, players got the indicator seemingly at random, and in many cases, they opponent received the arrow when they didn’t. Removing it entirely would balance out the playing field, making FUT Champions a better game mode.

The title update should be released for the console in the next week or so.