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FUT 17 St. Patrick’s Day “Green Team” is here

So many green cards.

As per usual, EA Sports are going all out for St. Patrick’s Day. This year they’ve released a whole TOTW-sized collection of special cards called “The Green Team”. Every player is from the Republic of Ireland.

While none of the cards have a stats boost, a future set of ‘Pot o Gold’ SBC’s are expected to be released that require the use of these players. Much like the release of the “Screamer” cards on Halloween, these cards will be valuable in what they could possible get you in return.

The most notable addition to the “Green Team” is everyone’s favorite Premier League veteran/Twitch streamer/Weekend League boss David Meyler. Surely most people will want to get their hands on his green card. Other players that could possibly be effective in-game include Shane Long, Sheamus Coleman, and James McCarthy.

These cards will be in packs at 6 p.m. UK time with the new ‘Pot o Gold’ SBC’s expected either at the same time or in the near future.