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EA releases Calcio A, J1 League SBCs

The overall rewards include an OP Higuain and Utaka.

EA Sports

EA released two new League-based ‘Squad Building Challenges’ on Thursday, available for an unlimited time. As per usual, these SBCs require you to trade in a full squad from every team in the respective leagues.

Each of the individual challenges come with a reward upon completion, and the overall reward includes a special SBC item of a notable player from that league, and a hefty amount of coins.

It’s hard to tell the relative difficulty of the two new league SBCs, but we can safely assume that exchanging 20 Calcio A squads will probably break the bank a little more than 18 Japanese squads.

Gonzalo Higuain


NIF Higuain’s stats are already rather good, but with these SBC stat-upgrades, his item becomes one of the most elite attackers from the Serie A. Higuain is notorious for feeling a little clunky in terms of pace; here, he has 82 overall pace, but with a Hunter or Hawk chemistry style, that problem is hopefully fixed.

Peter Utaka


FC Tokyo striker Peter Utaka has spent the last several years jumping between teams in China and Japan, so naturally most FIFA players won’t have a ton of information on him. However, from his card, we can tell he would be a pretty useful striker to use in, perhaps, a Nigerian or hybrid squad.

88 Pace and 84 Physical is pretty impressive, 82 Shooting is above average as well. If you’re looking for an elite shooter, this card might not suit you. However, playing around with various chemistry styles may improve this item’s stock.

Futhead is good place to look if you’re having trouble finding the best way to finish these challenges. Their SBC page provides community member-made solutions to complete the SBCs for cheap. The Higuain one can be found here, and Utaka can be found here.