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EA drop new International focused Marquee Matchups

It’s all about those international fixtures.

EA Sports

Yesterday, EA dropped a new set of Marquee Matchups, based on this week’s international fixtures. With the international break hitting a lot of leagues across Europe, there aren’t too many big games going on, so EA have used this opportunity to throw some nationality based SBCs our way.

The prizes aren’t the best, but they aren’t hard to do, and you might just get lucky in the packs. Here are the four challenges, their prizes, and some tips on how and when to get them done:

Argentina vs. Chile

EA Sports FIFA

Prize: Premium Gold Players Pack

The most expensive one this week - you need to trade in an 80-rated, 90-chemistry squad with two Argentinians and two Chileans, with no more than four from the same league. I ended up splitting the teams into two parts - on the right, I went with a couple of high-rated Premier League Argentinians (Lamela and Zabaleta), as well as a few 78-79 rated Premier League Golds, and Harry Kane up front. On the left, I got a Chilean from the Bundesliga, surrounded him with 78-80 rated Bundesliga golds, and then stuck a random Chilean at CAM.

Croatia vs. Ukraine

EA Sports FIFA

Prize: 500 coins and Premium Electrum Players Pack (12 players, 6 Gold, 3 Rare)

This one is very simple - you just need one player from these nations, and then you can fill out the squad with cheap gold players from one nation. I went with a Shaktar left-hand side (Ukranian CB, Srna at RB, a couple of higher rated Brazilians), and then filled out the rest of the team with random Brazilian golds and silvers. Piece of cake.

Republic of Ireland vs. Wales

EA Sports FIFA

Prize: Jumbo Gold Pack

Possibly the easiest of the lot. I just went with a rare Irish player from the Championship, a non-rare Welsh keeper from the same league, and then filled the rest out with discard value Championship gold players (and a couple of 300 coin rare silvers).

Mexico vs. Costa Rica

EA Sports FIFA

Prize: Rare Consumables Pack (12 Rare Gold Consumables)

I just stuck a Bronze Mexican player in, and then picked up a Costa Rican player from the market (they’re going for 2-3K, so get them quick), and then filled the rest of the squad with English players from a bunch of leagues. As long as the filler players all get 10 chem, you’ll be fine - the Mexican and Costa Rican players’ chemistry doesn’t even matter.

Overall Prize: Mega Pack

All-in-all, this isn’t a tough MM to complete, but you also don’t get stunning rewards. My best pull was Alex Sandro from the mega-pack, but I did pick up some players that I could sell on because of these SBCs. Use these packs as a way of filling up your club with useful players, and sell anything that has some value. I probably spent around 15-20K on it, and I made around 12-15K back (and I have around 10-15K worth of players an consumables added to the club).